New Community Members of the Team

A big welcome to the newest members of the Hear Here Alabama team. We’re beginning to hire new members, both community health workers and audiologists. Recently, we made a trip to Livingston, AL to get some photos of Ms. Johnnie Sanders, our Community Health Coordinator, and two Community Health Advisors, Ms. Debra Clark and Ms. Loretta Henderson. Really excited to have them part of the project and really looking forward to have them work with us.


Ms. Johnnie Sanders, our new Community Health Coordinator from Livingston, AL. She currently works with the Health and Wellness Education Center, located in Emelle, AL.




And here’s the rest of the crew from Livingston. Ms. Loretta Henderson (left), Ms. Debra Clark (center), and Ms. Johnnie (right). All three work with the Health and Wellness Education Center. Ms. Clark founded this non-profit organization in 2001 to help eliminate barriers to healthcare by linking individuals to health resources.