Living Gracefully with Hearing Loss

Studies have shown that people with hearing loss can experience more sadness, fear and anxiety than people without a hearing loss.  Additionally, people with hearing loss tend to decrease social engagement because it is just easier to stay at home than to constantly struggle with trying to hear others in social settings.

There are things though that you can do to help if you suspect you have a hearing loss.  First, and probably most important is to get your hearing tested.

If you do have a hearing loss you can be an advocate for yourself to help in difficult listening situations:

  • Sit close to a speaker.
  • Try to avoid noisy sources when talking with others (i.e., loud fans).
  • Tell others when you are talking to them that you have a hearing loss.
  • Use amplification if appropriate.  This would include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, cochlear implants, implantable hearing aids.

For more information about these devices check out the following links:

What can significant others do to help you?

  • Face the person you are talking to.
  • Stand so that the light falls on your face. Don’t stand in front of a window with light shinning through so that a shadow falls on your face.
  • Try to cut down the noise in the room (close door).
  • Patience…

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